Opening a Molecule File

    Chemical Files

    To open chemical files, follow the steps below.

    1. Click File > Open on the menu bar or use the Ctrl+O shortcut.

    2. Select the name and the location of the chemical file you want to load.

    3. Click Open.

    The Open function overwrites the canvas, discards any unsaved sketches.

    The File > Insert file menu option, which works in the same way as the Open dialog, loads the content while conserving the content of the canvas.

    If the Show preview checkbox is checked, the content of the file (molecules, reactions, queries) is shown in the preview window.

    When a multiple structure file is selected (for example, MRV, SDF), the navigation buttons become active.

    {info} The preview window allows you to check the content of the file (not to select the individual structures you want to open).

    If you want to open only a subset of structures, write their serial numbers separated either by commas or by dashes in the Select text box. Clicking on the Info button presents tips for specifying the desired molecules. Up to 100 structures can be opened at once.

    Image files

    Importing structures from image files or pasting them from the clipboard with the help of OSRA is also possible (since version 5.3.0).

    The supported image formats are as follows:

    PDF Files

    It is also possible to open PDF files that contain chemical names. This can be done by utilizing the Document to Structure conversion

    If the PDF file contains images of compounds, OSRA is needed to be installed to import the structures into MarvinSketch. For more information, see Image Import in Marvin.

    Pasting other structures from other MarvinSketch instances and drag and dropping chemical structures are both supported. These actions add the new structure to the canvas without overwriting it.