Colors Tab

    Change default colors.

    Note, that in MarvinSpace 1.3 chain colors are wired in and cannot be changed by the user.

    The following colors can be changed:

    • Constant color of components: Ligand, MacroMolecule, Water, Ion, Surface

    • Constant color of secondary structure: Helix, Sheet, Turn, Coil

    • CPK Color of the following atoms: H, C, N, O, S, P and Unknown atoms

    • Color of selections

    • Background color, this can also be set to transparent or to smooth colored (shaded).

    • Residue color schema can be changed to the one defined in SETOR

      (written by Stephen Evans, SETOR: hardware-lighted three-dimensional solid model representations of macromolecules. J Mol Graph. 1993, 11, 134-138.)