Advanced Templates Toolbar

    This toolbar contains special buttons for various structure templates.

    The toolbar is easily customizable, you can add any of the template categories or your structures to it.

    {primary} The My templates part of the toolbar displays only the first 23 structures.

    Add or Remove Template Categories

    1. Open the Template Library Manager either through Edit > Template Library or by pressing Ctrl+T.

    2. Select the desired template group.

    3. Click the Properties tab.

    4. Check the Display on Toolbar checkbox.

    5. The specific category group is now displayed on the toolbar. A small blue T indicates which groups are displayed on the toolbar.

    To remove a template category from the toolbar, simply uncheck the Display on Toolbar checkbox.

    Checking the Use molecules as templates at 2D cleaning checkbox will affect the structures containing that template during the cleaning of the structure, that is, the default cleaning form is overwritten by the template structure.

    This way, you can customize your drawings by adding or drawing a set of templates and checking this option.

    Add Structures and Graphical Objects

    To add a structure to the toolbar, select a structure, and simply drag it to the toolbar or select Add to My Templates from the context menu.

    It is also possible to add graphical objects to the toolbar through the context menu.


    Set the Name of the New Template

    To set the name of the new template, right-clicking the template and selecting Properties.

    The tooltip of the template now shows the specified name.


    Tooltips of structure templates without a set name, simply magnify the structure.

    Remove Templates from the Toolbar

    Right-click the template on the toolbar which you want to remove and select Remove.