Checkers Tab


    Preferences Checker Tab

    Name Icon Description
    Move up checker item images/download/thumbnails/20425063/up_arrow24.png Moves checker up. The fixing process may depend on the sequence of the checkers.
    Move down checker item images/download/thumbnails/20425063/down_arrow24.png Moves checker down. The fixing process may depend on the sequence of the checkers.
    Add checker to the list images/download/thumbnails/20425063/add24.png Adds a checker to the list.
    Remove checker from the list images/download/thumbnails/20425063/remove24.png Removes checker from the list.
    Open checker configuration from URL images/download/thumbnails/20425063/url24.png Opens a checker configuration from a URL.
    Open checker configuration images/download/thumbnails/20425063/open24.png Opens your custom checker configuration from a file.
    Save checker configuration images/download/thumbnails/20425063/save24.png Saves your custom checker configuration to a file.
    Configure external checkers/fixers images/download/thumbnails/20425063/options24.png Adds external checkers/fixers; saves or loads external checker/fixer configuration.