Structure Editor in JChem for Office

    The figure below shows the structure editor options.


    Structure Editor

    Prog ID for the Custom Editor

    To use a custom editor, enter the Prog ID (class ID) or qualified name (namespace, assembly) or the .exe pathname.

    Structure Editor

    Use this option to specify the default structure editor. The selected structure editor can be used to work with structures if the selected structure editor is installed on the computer.

    The following structure editors are available:

    • Marvin .NET

    • ChemDraw 12

    • ChemDraw 13

    • ChemDraw 14

    • ChemDraw 15

    • ChemDraw 16

    • ChemDraw 17

    • ChemDraw 18

    • ChemDraw 19

    • SymyxDraw

    • IsisDraw

    • Custom (Plugin)

    {info} For ChemDraw editors, the 64-bit Office environment is supported since ChemDraw 18. If you try to use an earlier ChemDraw editor on 64-bit Office environment the following error message appears: This editor doesn't support a 64-bit environment.

    The default editor is Marvin .NET.

    It is possible to use a custom plugin as an editor. To do this, select Custom (Plugin) and specify the Prog ID (class ID) or qualified name (namespace, assembly) or the .exe pathname by using the Prog ID for the Custom Editor field.

    If an editor that is not installed for the user is selected, an error message appears when trying to add or edit a structure.



    Automatic Plus Sign in Marvin Editor

    Use this option to specify whether Marvin is forced to enable the Automatic Plus Sign in the Single Step Reactions option whenever Marvin is opened.

    The available values are as follows:

    • TRUE

    • FALSE

    The default value for this option is TRUE.