Upgrade guide

    Compound Registration relies on the underlying database schema and it is crucial to upgrade it before deploying a new version of Compound Registration.

    Before the upgrade:

    1. Make sure to have a database backup.

    2. Download the new RegistryCxn-(version).war file. It must be a newer version of Compound Registration than the one previously installed.

    3. Download the corresponding migration tool RegistryCxn-(version)-migrate.zip.

    4. Verify that the REGISTRYCXN_HOME environment variable is valid.

    {info} When upgrading from a version before 17.06.12 you need to set up the REGISTRYCXN_HOME environment variable as the homedirectory (more details here).

    1. Verify that the registry.properties file exists under the $REGISTRYCXN_HOME/config folder.

    2. Make sure the properties: RegDBType, RegDBDriver, RegDBUrl, RegDBUser, RegDBPass are correct in the registry.properties file. Please find more information on the Database connections page.

    Upgrade Compound Registration:

    1. Shut down the Tomcat web container.

    2. Set the CHEMAXON_LICENSE_URL environment variable in the console (it works with HTTP urls and file URIs). Please find more information on the Compound Registration Installation requirements page and on Wikipedia - file URI scheme page.

    {warning} It is enough to have a valid license under REGISTRYCXN_HOME when hosting Compound Registration but when running the migration it is important to set the CHEMAXON_LICENSE_URL environment variable otherwise the migration tool will not be able to upgrade Markush structures.

    1. Unzip the RegistryCxn-(version)-migrate.zip file.

    {info} When upgrading to 19.20.0 or later using MySQL database, the MySQL JDBC driver has to be copied into the RegistryCxn/lib directory before running the upgrade script.

    1. Open a terminal window and navigate to the RegistryCxn/bin folder.

    2. Run the following on Linux:

      ./RegistryCxn install -migrateSchema

      Or the following on Windows:

      RegistryCxn.bat install -migrateSchema

    Please find more information about command line tools here.

    {info} For larger databases the migration could take more than an hour. You can temporary add the RegDBAbandonedTimeout=3600 (1 hour) property to the registry.properties file to increase the database connection timeout.

    1. Remove the previous installation from Tomcat.

    2. Deploy the new RegistryCxn-(version).war to Tomcat.