Plexus Connect - Sharing Data with Other Users

    Plexus Connect supports collaboration with your colleagues and partners by enabling data sharing via URLs. There is no need to generate URL in some special step – all metadata needed for sharing are added to URL automatically. If you have a certain view (grid or form) displaying an interesting data set which you want to share with your co-workers, just select the current URL, copy it and send it over to your colleagues.

    In the URL, the following information is stored:

    • The identifier of the form or grid view;

    • The current record set or the query or list which has been used to load that record set;

    • The sorting order;

    • The current active record.

    Please note that those with whom you share an URL have to have permission to open the database view specified in the URL, i.e. the view has to be shared with them via Instant JChem. Otherwise, those users who do not have access to the form will see only a notification message reminding them that first they have to get access to the database view from its owner.

    Similarly, the user who receives the URL has to have permission to access the database records saved in the URL. If some users' access is limited due to, for instance, row-level security restrictions, then they still will not be able to see the restricted records sent to them in a shared URL.