In MarvinSketch, it is possible to flip whole structures or parts of it. The action can be reached through Edit > Transform. When there is no selection made, the action is executed globally on the whole canvas (except in the case of Group Flip).

    {info} The Group Flip action can be executed only on a selected structure connected to the rest of the molecule by only one bond (of any type). The selection cannot be in the "middle" of a molecule. The selection is not permitted for disjunctive structures either. This action rotates the selected group by 180° around an axis set on the bond connecting the selection to the rest of the molecule. Stereocenters in the molecules are retained, the wedge bond styles change to keep the stereo information.

    The flip actions equal to a rotation of 180° around the horizontal or the vertical axis in the plane of the drawing. The table below lists the available flip actions along with an example.

    Flip action Icon Example
    Flip Horizontally Flip horizontally icon Horizontal flip example
    Flip Vertically Flip vertically icon Vertical flip example
    Rotate 180° in Canvas Rotate in 180 on canvas Rotation on canvas
    Group Flip N/A Group flip example