Installation Guide to jnlp Examples

    Below we will describe how you can create the jnlp examples for Marvin Beans.

    First, take a brief view of the content of the jnlp directory.

    Step-by-step instructions are provided for configuring the above examples for running.

    1. First, you need a webserver (for example, Tomcat) that will hosts the jnlp examples.

    2. Install Marvin Beans package to the host where the webserver is located.

    3. Check that the webserver can access Marvin Beans directory. (If not, please consult with the web server's manual about how to set it.)

    4. In the jnlp subdirectory of the Marvin Beans directory, take a copy about each file that ends with .jnlp.txt. The new name has to be the same as the old one without the .txt postfix.

      cp msketch.jnlp.txt msketch.jnlp
      cp mview.jnlp.txt mview.jnlp
    5. Modify the absolute references in the jnlp files. Each occurrence of substitute to the URL of the Marvin Beans directory. (for example, ).

    Now the configuration is ready (on server-side). To run the example, type the URL of the jnlp example in your browser.