About Marvin Pro

    Marvin Pro is a web application that uses web services to perform its features. It consists of two main parts:

    • Marvin Pro web application
    • Web services: to serve the application functions with chemical calculations

    System Requirements

    • Debian-based Linux operating system
    • Java 11

    Required Packages

    The following packages are required and will be installed if not available:

    • Java 11 headless runtime environment (for web services)
    • Apache 2 web server (Marvin Pro application web container)
    • net-tools (the installer uses it to check available network ports)

    Network Ports

    The following network ports will be used:

    • 64888 Web service config module
    • 64080 Web service gateway module*
    • 64761 Web service discovery module
    • 64064 Web service chemical calculations module
    • 64063 Web service chemical structure manipulation module
    • 64061 Web service I/O module
    • 64444 Marvin Pro application HTTP port*

    {primary} Ports marked with an asterisk(*) must be accessible from the Marvin Pro application users' network domain.


    After you extracted the archive, place your license file into MarvinPro\webservices\license\. Make sure that the filename is license.cxl. Unless the license file is found in the correct location, the install script will fail. If that happens, make sure to run the uninstall script before trying to run the install script again.


    Simply execute the script from the installation root folder with one parameter: the external IP address/name of the host server. This information is injected into the application page and used to access the web services from the Marvin Pro users' machines.

    After installation, the application can be reached:

    • from localhost: http://localhost:64444
    • from outside: http://<external-ip-address>:64444


    Execute the script. This will stop then remove the Marvin Pro web container and Web Services.

    {info} The dependent packages (Java, Apache 2, net-tools) will not be removed by the script.