Structure Checker Installation

    Structure Checker is part of the Chemical Structure Representation Toolkit along with Standardizer. These two applications have a shared installer, which can be downloaded from the corresponding product download page

    After the download is completed, run the Installer on your computer. An Installation Wizard opens that will guide you through the installation process. This will allow you to change the default installation folder and to add the application to your path. Optionally, you can run MarvinBeans Installer as well on your computer that will install the Marvin Package. For using only Structure Checker, installing the Marvin Package is not required.

    Now you are ready to start the Structure Checker application by double-clicking on the appropriate icon images/download/attachments/1803802/structure_checker_16.png

    System Requirements

    Operating System

    • Windows 10 64-bit or later

    • macOS 64-bit

    • GNU/Linux 64-bit


    • Java 11

    • AdoptOpenJDK 11

    For Java versions supported by earlier releases, please visit this site