Plexus storage

    Plexus Connect application use it's storage for a variety of purposes. It can store here small data files (such as custom settings), and larger files, that application uses for its features (such list, maps, etc.). Plexus Connect application can also use application storage for saving user-generated content.

    Items, that application keeps cached in Plexus Storage:

    • selected projects/schemas on dashboard
    • selected datatree IDs and if the datatree mode is activated by user, provided the corresponding flag is active
    • admin editable custom panel on the top of the dashboard
    • favorite views are stored there
    • last opened date per views
    • custom user's set of displaying options for molecules
    • structure ID's for url sharing - mapped to cxsmarts format of molecule

    Since 21.4.0 new plexus storage implementation has been introduced. The user's important items are no longer stored in this storage. These items have been moved to to the separate meta data tables IJC_CONNECT_*,which are reside next to the other IJC_ tables

    After upgrade to 21.4.0 version or higher, when a user is logged into the application, their favorite and recent views, as well as other custom items are automatically migrated to IJC_CONNECT_ITEMS tabe.


    This table defines the views, scripts, queries and lists that belong to an individual user.

    The table structure is as follows:

    Column Type Description
    ID text The ID of the item
    USERNAME text The username of the user
    TYPE text The type of the item i.e. FAVORITE_VIEWS or RECENT_VIEWS
    DATA text The definition of the item


    This tabe handles structure IDs for url sharing and it's mapps to cxsmarts format of molecule. The table structure is as follows:

    Column Type Description
    ID text The ID of the item
    STRUCTURE_HASH text The hash for URL sharing
    STRUCTURE text mapps for keeping structure query

    {primary} Since 21.4.0 version, please note, that it is no longer needed to configure plexus storage for keeping user's custom items.

    Plexus storage configuration

    Since 16.7.18 until 21.2.0 version the Plexus storage location can be setup in the configuration file in the Plexus Storage section.

    {primary} Since 16.7.18 until 21.2.0 version, please note, that as a result of change plexus storage location, the following information will be lost, when you update to this version:
    - Last used reaction and list of reactants in reaction-based enumeration.
    - Last used scaffold and list of R-groups in scaffold-based enumeration.
    - List of recently used database views.
    - List of favorite database views.

    Previous solution of Plexus storage

    Originally, plexus storage is a local database on the server. By default it uses derby database in chemaxon/plexus-suite/plexusStorage directory. During server upgrade to higher version, this database has been overwritten and user's custom items has been lost. Permanent storage has been introduced in 16.7.18 version. Since this version, Plexus Storage destination can be pointed to different database,then one used for main data or the default plexus storage location. When the custom location is configured out of the application server, the plexus storage will not be overwritten during Plexus Connect upgrade and user items will not be lost.