The table below contains a list of the available shortcuts in MarvinSketch. It is possible to create shortcuts and change the default ones. For more information, see Customization. Inside textbox (both Textbox and Label Editor) formatting shortcuts, that is, Alt+↑ for superscript, Alt+↓ for subscript, Ctrl+B for Bold and Ctrl+I for Italic can be used.

    Keyboard shortcut Function
    Mouse Wheel Scrolls canvas vertically.
    Shift+Mouse Wheel Scrolls canvas horizontally.
    Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Zooms canvas in and out.
    Arrow Keys
    Ctrl+Arrow Keys
    Scrolls canvas in the proper direction if no object is selected on the canvas.
    Arrow Keys Moves the selected object if an item is selected on the canvas.You can scroll the canvas with Ctrl+Arrow Keys in this case.
    Shift+Arrow Keys Move the selected object on the canvas in greater units.
    Delete Removes the selected element.
    Ctrl+A Select All
    Ctrl+Shift+I Invert selection
    Ctrl+D Copy As OLE
    Ctrl+K Copy As...
    Ctrl+L Copy As Smiles
    Ctrl+M Copy As MRV
    Ctrl+Y Redo
    Ctrl+L Copy as SMILES
    Ctrl+O File open (if available)
    Ctrl+S Save to file (if available)
    Ctrl+Shift+S Save as... (if available)
    Ctrl+P Print (if available)
    Ctrl+E Display Periodic Table dialog
    Ctrl+N Create a new window
    Ctrl+Delete Clear Desk
    Ctrl+W Close current window
    Ctrl+Q Exit from the application
    Ctrl+G Create a Group
    Ctrl+2 Clean in 2D
    Ctrl+3 Clean in 3D
    Ctrl+F Select conformer
    Ctrl+T Opens the Template Library.
    Ctrl+R Checks and corrects chemical structures.
    Ctrl+I Places the Analysis box on the canvas.
    Ctrl+Shift+N You can view the name of the current structure, and enter a new name to be imported.
    Ctrl+Shift+M Open MarvinSpace
    Ctrl+Shift+F9 Guidelines
    Shift+F9 Grid
    F5 Exit transformation mode and return to Sketching mode.
    F6 Switch on the Zoom mode.
    F7 3D rotation
    F11 Sets the visibility of the main menubar.
    Space Changes transformation mode from Drag to Rotate in 2D, Rotate in 2D to Rotate in 3D, while Rotate in 3D to Drag.
    - Negative charge
    + Positive charge
    1 Single bond
    2 Double bond
    3 Triple bond
    4 Aromatic bond
    5 Single up bond (active only in 2D)
    6 Single down bond (active only in 2D)
    7 Single up or down bond
    12 Single or double bond
    14 Single or aromatic bond
    24 Double or aromatic bond
    0 Any bond
    * Any atom
    Q Heteroatom
    C, N, H... Carbon, nitrogen, or a hydrogen atom.For the other elements, type the mark of the element, for example, Cl for chlorine (case insensitive).
    Au,Ag,Pt... Atom List can be defined by typing chemical symbols separated by commas (case insensitive).
    !Au,Ag,Pt... NOT List can be defined by starting the atom list with an exclamation mark (case insensitive).
    R1, R2...R32767 R-group label with the specified number.To define a set of fragments as R-group, select the fragments before the shortcut.To create an attachment point in the R-group, select an atom in the R-group, and type the name of the R-group, for example, R5 (case insensitive).To define a set of fragments as R-group 5, select the fragments then type R5. After then, you can choose an attachment point on R-group 4, just type R5 and click on the atom.
    M1, M2... Atom maps for reactions (case insensitive).
    M0 Unmap
    M= or M+ Unique atom map labels.Assigns unique atom map numbers to individual atoms picked by the mouse or to selected atoms in selection mode.
    11, 22...77 Select a template.Select first, second, ... or 7th element from the actual template list from the toolbar (if the referred index is not out of range).
    abs, or1, or2, and1, and2 Stereochemical groups:
    abs (ABSOLUTE)
    or1,or2...or10...(or n)
    and1, and2...and10...&1, &2...&10... (and n)
    AcAc, Acm, Ade... The abbreviated group denoted by the abbreviation. You can ungroup the abbreviated group if you press the SHIFT button when you place it to the canvas (case insensitive).To complete a longer name, press ENTER or END after typing the first few characters.
    .a,.A,.u,.H0,H1 Special atom properties:
    .a (aromatic)
    .A (aliphatic)
    .u (unsaturated)
    .H0,.H1...(number of hydrogens)
    .h0,.h1...(implicit hydrogens)
    .X0, .X1...(connectivity)
    .D0, .D1...(degree)
    .R0, .R1...(rings)
    .r3, .r4...(smallest ring size)
    .s*, .s0, .s1...(substitution count)
    .v0, .v1...(valence)
    .rb*, .rb0, .rb1...(ring bond count)