New Features in IJC Q1 2017

    Freeze columns functionality

    A new option "Frozen Column Count" was added to table widget (and grid view) properties. It allows to specify number of "frozen" columns locked out from horizontal scrolling. These columns are the most left columns in the table or grid view and they are always visible.

    "hidden text" UI in table widget has been improved

    Append ellipsis to all values in widgets when value cannot be visible from begin to end.

    Logging improvement

    Added a possibility to have LDAP security case-insensitive.

    Import improvement, option to add new data when merging has been introduced

    There is new checkbox Insert new rows when merging at the bottom of import into existing entity dialog.


    Better UI for loading process

    Progress bar for "Validating script of.." added for lager button's groovy scripts.

    New attribute "Default atom size" has been created

    Structure field has new extra attribute 'Default atom size'. When this attribute is changed and applied, all widgets with structure renderer on all forms related to this field/entity/datatree are set to new atom size.

    Security improvement

    IJC schema password (and DB username and password) is now encrypted with AES-256.

    The role to use spotfire has been separated from the role to export data

    New ROLE_SPOTFIRE_INTEGRATION was added to control Spotfire integration instead of ROLE_EXPORT_DATA.