Custom Checkers and Fixers

    Custom checker and fixer implementations can be integrated into the list of available checkers through the Checker/Fixer Manager available in the Preferences menu.


    The Checker/Fixer Manager contains two tabs: Checkers and Fixers. Add the external checker(s)/fixer(s) by pressing plus button on the relevant tab.


    First, enter the URL or browse the location of JAR file containing the particular checker/fixer in field Java Archive (JAR). If the JAR file contains more than one classes, select the appropriate class from the drop-down list to add that checker or fixer to the list of external checkers or fixers. Additional information fields will be filled automatically if checker/fixer classes use annotations (e.g., Checker/Fixer ID, Help text, Description, etc.). The Checker/Fixer ID will appear among the list of available checkers.

    Various external checkers and/or fixers can be added from the same or from different JAR files. After you have finished adding external checkers and fixers, click on OK ; the newly added checkers will appear among the factory checkers. These external checkers/fixers will now also be available in the Structure Checker Application and in all other applications using Structure Checker. When defining external checkers and fixers, an xml file called externalcheckersfixers.xml will automatically be placed in the Chemaxon settings directory in the user home folder.