About Chemaxon Licensing - Plexus Suite

    A Chemaxon software license grants you the legal right to use a piece of Chemaxon software. For each software program you use, you need a license, which is granted to you and documented in the license agreement.

    The license file should be installed using the Chemaxon License Manager.

    Further details can be found at the Frequently asked questions section or contact ourSales team if you have any questions.

    Annual Licenses

    Annual Licenses offer all functionalities, including product upgrades and support for 1 year.

    Perpetual Licenses

    A Perpetual License is an unlimited commercial license, with 1 year upgrade and support.

    Academic Teaching Licenses

    Free ongoing provision of most of Chemaxon tools for teaching, including licenses to allow students of the department to use during tuition. Click here for more information.

    Academic Research Licenses

    Recurring 2 year provision of most of Chemaxon tools for individual academic researchers. Click here for more information.

    FreeWeb Licenses

    Available for non commercial, freely accessible web pages. The program provides all the technology required to set up chemical communications and structure database storage, management and search capabilities for web servers and pages. Click here for more information.