Quick Start Guide for Students

    How to draw a chemical structure for your response?

    Zosimos supports drawing and grading nomenclature, Lewis structures, resonances reactions, and mechanisms. Answers are automatically checked and scored. Please watch the following video series and practice with the drawing tool before completing the assigned quizzes:

    1. Drawing tutorial videos (atoms, bonds, chains, ions, lone pair, deleting and rotating)

    2. Drawing tutorial videos (reactions, curved arrows, templates, and functional groups)

    How to complete a quiz?

    Please watch the following video about quiz completion before completing the assigned quizzes.

    Please keep in mind that:

    1. You can start the quiz and you can return to continue the quiz any time until your teacher allows you to complete the quiz.
    2. When you finished the quiz, click Submit to receive your grades in the grade book. If you completed and checked all exercises in a quiz, the submission automatically happens; there is no need to click the Submit button in this case.
    3. If you retake the quiz and click Submit again, your final result will be transferred to the grade book.
    4. Always complete or submit your quiz before the deadline your teacher provided you.

    Any questions? Please email our team at zosimos-support@chemaxon.com and we will be happy to help you!