Installing Licenses

    Installation with LicenseManager

    With some of our desktop softwares a LicenseManager application is distributed. Open it from the installation directory or from the Help menu in the desktop tools and follow the instructions.

    Manual installation

    The license can be placed to its default location, or you have to set where to look for the license.

    The default location is <Chemaxon_home>/license.cxl or <Chemaxon_home>/licenses/ folder. <Chemaxon_home> can be set by the CHEMAXON_HOME environment variable. Its default value is <User_home>/chemaxon (on Windows) and <User_home>/.chemaxon on Unix-like systems. <User_home> means the home folder of the user that executes the Chemaxon application.

    License file can also be set by CHEMAXON_LICENSE_URL environment variable, or by the chemaxon.license.url JVM parameter.

    Please note that Marvin JS license installation is different, the installation guide will be sent to you together with the license.