Plexus Connect scripting

    {info} ## Available since 21.2.0 Frequent Release

    In version 21.2.0 of Plexus Connect, the scripting functionality has been introduced, giving users much more freedom to customize the software. Scripting can be used for a wide variety of purposes in Plexus Connect. Thanks to scripting, various tasks can be performed out of the box, or can be performed easier. This document aims to give an overview of how Python and JavaScript scripts can be used to achieve additional functionalities in Plexus Connect.

    Python scripting

    Python scripting provides a very powerful way to extend capabilities of Plexus Connect. This feature allows you to:

    • retrieve data from Connect and further process them in external systems and applications like Jupyter Notebook
    • display relevant data from external systems directly in Connect
    • display custom information or Python charts in Connect
    • modify the user interface of Connect

    Scripts can be attached to a specific view. This means that the script is mapped to the view using view_id and the script can operate on this item using the Connect_API. Installation guide, usage and examples are introduced in the Python scripting section.

    JavaScript scripting

    The JavaScript scripting feature allows you to extend Connect or display relevant datasets from other sources. Among its advantages is the fact that it can be used without any additional installation. However, it has a limited usability compared to Python scripting. Description of the usage and examples are available in the JavaScript scripting section.