Technical Information and Certificates

    Zosimos is available in a form of web application for computers, tablets and smart phones.

    Supported browsers

    • Google Chrome

    • Mozilla Firefox

    • Apple Safari

    • Microsoft Edge

    We recommend using the most recent versions of the browsers.


    Zosimos is a web application written in React and Node.js. The server is hosted by AWS. The authentication is provided by Auth0. Subscription management and payment is provided by Stripe. The database is provided by MongoDB Atlas. We use further Chemaxon hosted components from Chemicalize to compare two chemical structures and to allow drawing chemical structures in MarvinJS. Zosimos is available as a SaaS at:

    The following components are hosted in:

    • Auth0: Europe
    • MongoDB Atlas: Ireland
    • AWS server: Ireland
    • Chemicalize: Ireland
    • Stripe: USA and EU


    Zosimos Accessibility Conformance Report - VPAT