Draw a Simple Molecule (Phytol)

    During the drawing process of this structure, two features of Marvin Pro are highlighted, namely the Chain tool and the off-chain positioning feature of single bonds.

    1. Start by drawing a 7-carbon-long chain. The Chain tool is ideal for drawing a simple chain like this. You can see the number of placed carbon atoms next to the cursor while holding the left mouse button.

      Draw Phytol Step 1

    2. After the chain is drawn, we change the active tool to the Single Bond tool. With it, it is possible to rapidly alter the position of the bond to be added (just hold Shift).

      {info} You can draw even more rapidly with shortcuts: use 1 for adding a single bond in the default (chain-drawing position), or 0 to add it in an off-chain position.

      Draw Phytol Step 2

    3. As this structure contains a double bond, we need to add it to the structure. This can be done with the Single Bond, too. Just click on the bond with it.

      Draw Phytol Step 3

    4. As the last step, add the oxygen atom to the structure.

      Draw Phytol Step 4