Toolbar of BioEddie

    The toolbar is located above the canvas and consists of action buttons.

    Clicking on an action button will execute the action directly, providing further choices for that action. In case an action is not possible to perform, the corresponding button is faded.

    Moving the mouse over any button activates a brief explanation layer, describing the button's function.

    Available action buttons on the toolbar


    • By clicking Load dialog will appear where the user can import partial or full molecule definitions from various file formats. More information on loading files and supported file formats can be found in the Import section.


    • Removes all components and monomers on the canvas.


    • Molecules on the canvas can be saved in two formats: HELM (both 1.x and 2.x standard specs are supported) and MDL MOL format. For detailed information see the Saving a structure section.


    • These buttons restore states or undo actions.


    • The Replace tool serves to bulk replace monomers by other monomers in a single action . More details about this action can be found in the Replace tool section.

    Split view / Single view

    • The Split view / Single view buttons quickly toggle on and off the Secondary view panel.


    • Information about BioEddie, the license expiration date and keyboard shortcuts can be displayed.