Drawing Shapes

    To draw a (poly)line, rectangle, brackets, or other shapes use the Insert menu or select the icon from the Tools toolbar.

    Brackets Arrows Graphics
    Square brackets
    Single Arrow
    Retrosynthetic Arrow
    Equilibrium Arrow
    Curved Arrow
    Dashed Arrow
    Crossed Arrow
    Rounded Rectangle

    {info} To draw a square, a rounded square, or a circle, press Shift and use the Rectangle , Rounded Rectangle , Ellipse buttons.

    Create a Graphical Object

    1. Select the desired graphical objects from the Tools toolbar or the Insert menu.
    2. Click and drag the mouse.
    3. To create the object click again.


    Lines look similar to simple single bonds but behave differently as they do not carry chemical meaning. Also, crossing lines appear solid, but bonds do not. Lines are defined by their two endpoints. There is also a third point, the midpoint. This control point can be used to change the line into a curve (for controlling the arc angle) or it can be used as a joining point to other objects. If this control point is used to connect two objects, it can be relocated while the other endpoint of the line remains fixed.


    Curves can be drawn by changing a line.

    1. Select the midpoint of a line.
    2. Drag the control point to change the curvature. Alternatively, the Arc Central Angle can be set manually in the Graphics Object Properties dialog, which is through the Format context menu item.
    3. Remove the mouse pointer to unselect the curve

    Modifying Graphical Objects

    • Graphical objects can be selected by using one of the selection tools or shortcuts (for example, Ctrl+A ).
    • Graphical objects can be resized by selecting one of their control points and dragging the mouse.
    • Graphical objects can be changed in the same way as structures. For more information, see Geometric Transformation of Structures and Objects.
    • Graphical objects can be deleted in the same way as structures. For more information, see Deleting a Structure.