Indexing is the procedure which takes place before the documents become available for searching. All the file contents must be pre-processed by the chemistry component with the aim to extract all the chemical information from them. Free-text indexing needs the same pre-processing phase as well.

    The goal of this phase is to make the users' queries fast.

    The indexing section of the menu contains four screens:

    Admin menu

    • Content sources - content sources are ChemLocator's terminology for locations where documents are found in. These can be cloud drive locations, local folders, etc.
    • Cloud credentials - in the case of cloud-based content sources, credentials will need to be provided. These allow ChemLocator to be able to read the documents in your cloud storage location.
    • Processing status - shows the status of any ongoing crawling and indexing.
    • Index reset - allows the ChemLocator databases (both PostgreSQL as well as Elasticsearch) to be cleared and reset to a pristine state.