Chemaxon products are able to export EPS image files. The EpsExport module recognizes the common image export options.

    EPS Export uses the VectorGraphics package of FreeHEP Java Library that is an "Open Source" library distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGLP). You can freely modify and recompile the source of this library, then replace the binaries in Marvin with your own version, according to the requirements of the LGLP. To update Marvin with your own version of FreeHep library, substitute the proper jar files (freehep-base.jar, freehep-graphics2d.jar, freehep-graphicsio.jar, freehep-graphicsio-emf.jar) in your Marvin package.


    Code Explanation
    eps Default settings: 200x200 pixels, white background.
    eps:w100,#ffff00 100x100 EPS with yellow background.