Draw a Simple Molecule (Penicillin)

    Drawing this structure offers a chance to use some different bond types, templates, and abbreviations.

    1. We start with the templates: placing a cyclobutane on the canvas, then connecting a cyclopentane to it.

      {info} Pressing a shortcut between 4 and 8 over a bond automatically merges a ring with the corresponding size.

      Draw Penicillin Step 1

    2. Now, let's connect bonds to the structure. Select one of the bond tools and click on the relevant atom with it.

      {info} The bond’s orientation can be tuned by dragging while placing.

      Draw Penicillin Step 2

    3. After the bonds are added, it's time to add the heteroatoms, the abbreviation, and the variable group to the drawing.

      1. To add the heteroatoms, hover over an atom and type the chemical symbol of the atom to be added. You can also click with the corresponding atom tool.

        Draw Penicillin Step 3.1

      2. To add the COOH abbreviation, hover over an atom and start typing then select it from the drop-down list.

        {info} The COOH group can be ungrouped or expanded through its context menu.

        Draw Penicillin Step 3.2

      3. To add the variable group, select the RGroup tool and click on an atom with it.

        Draw Penicillin Step 3.3

    4. As a finishing touch, we could change the atom visibility through Menu > Document Settings > Molecule visualization.

      Draw Penicillin Step 1