MarvinView Getting started


    • Right click for pop-up menu(Control+click on Mac)
    • Double-click to view the structure in a separate window


    • In the View or in the pop-up menu, select the Implicit Hydrogens submenu to change the way H labels and atoms are shown.
    • Add explicit hydrogens using Structure > Add > Explicit Hydrogens.

    3D features

    • To start a static molecule spinning, select Animation > Play in the pop-up or the View menu.
    • To start animating an XYZ sequence, select Animation > Play.
    • To stop spinning while continuing the animation, uncheck Animation > Drag to Spin.
    • Use the View > Display submenu to select a rendering style, such as Wireframe, Sticks, Ball & Stick, or Spacefill.


    • In the View or the pop-up menu, use the Colors submenu to select monochrome or CPK coloring or to change the background color.


    • To print a molecule select Print > This Molecule from the pop-up menu or from the File menu.
    • To print the currently visible molecules of a molecule table select the Print > All Visible option.
    • To print all molecules loaded in a molecule table select Print > All.

    Mouse drag and navigation

    • Translation, zooming and rotation:
      1. Use the keyboard to select mode: F5 - Translate or Drag: Dragging the mouse across the canvas will result in the same displacement of the molecule. F6 - Zoom: Hold down mouse button while dragging mouse vertically to zoom. F7 - Rotate in 3D: Allows you to rotate the molecule in 3D around a point at the 3D center of the molecule. Shift-F7 - Rotate in 2D: The center of the molecule becomes the center of rotation and the molecule will rotate around this point in the direction of the mouse drag. F8 - Zoom/Rotate: Hold down mouse button while dragging mouse vertically (to zoom) or horizontally (to rotate). Alternatively, right click for the pop-up menu, select the Transform submenu, then select Translate or Drag, Zoom, Rotate in 3D, Rotate in 2D, or Zoom.
      2. Drag the structure with the mouse.
    • To translate without using the menu, press Ctrl while dragging.
    • To zoom or rotate without using the menu, press Shift while dragging.

    Drag & Drop

    Molecules can be moved as well between different Marvin windows, or from a file manager to Marvin. To perform a Drag & Drop operation,

    1. Press F5 for Translate or Drag mode. Alternatively, right click for the pop-up menu and select Translate or Drag in the Transform submenu).
    2. Drag the structure with the mouse.
    3. Drop it over another viewer cell or over a sketcher window.

    {info} Drop may not work in the JMView applet running in a browser window, because drop events are received by the browser in that case.