New Features in IJC Q4 2016

    Pivot tables

    The pivoting functionality was introduced to Instant JChem. More details about the new entity type and its use can be found in the documentation.

    Improvement in database connection wizard

    Only a valid recent URL is now remembered and offered in the database connection wizard.

    Support for Japanese characters in radar chart widget

    Axis labels in radar chart widget display Japanese characters properly.

    Oracle JDBC driver upgrade

    Oracle JDBC Driver upgraded to version This version is certified with JDK 8, JDK 7 and JDK 6.

    New AdminTool option

    *.ijs configuration files can now be create with GUI in the IJC application. For that there is a new AdminTool operation 'Create .ijs file for schema(s)'. Support for specifying IJC username/password for the generated .ijs file is also added.

    Permanent list from current result set

    Current query results can now be store as permanent list by new action " Permanent list from current result set " under Lists window top menu accessible under F6 key.


    Box plot widget improvement

    Box plot x-axis labels are now able to show multi-line text or longer text wrapped.

    Browser widget improvement

    Instant JChem supports text fields with text/html MIME type in Browser widget and Browser widget is able to render the html code. Simple editing is enabled.

    Integration of Plexus Analysis

    Users with the ROLE_EXPORT_DATA can now export data from Instant JChem directly into Plexus Analysis.

    Possibility to append data during RDF import to existing entities

    New option in RDF import wizard. Radio buttons "Delete existing data" (this was default behavior in previous versions) and "Keep existing data" (new option - appends new data to existing records). "Delete existing data" (truncate) is the default option.

    Merging structure field during import

    Structure field values can be updated when merging by any other (e.g. ID) field.

    SQL filter for data tree

    Introducing SQL filter on relationship. It is always applied on data tree queries.

    Instant JChem is now fully compatible with PostgreSQL 9.6