Marvin Pro


    Marvin Pro is Chemaxon's latest, most advanced drawing solution. It combines the company's well-known chemical intelligence with modern front-end frameworks, resulting in an easy-to-use, clean interface which is capable of converting your thoughts into a visual representation in no time.

    Marvin Pro is the ideal solution for users who do not only want to draw structures easily and efficiently but aesthetically, too. We think that the effort put into research should reflect in the quality of the accompanying drawings. Our goal is to achieve the highest standard in publication quality.

    For selected workflows that showcase the capabilities of Marvin Pro, see How Do I?

    For quick reference materials, such as tool overview, see References

    Design Principles

    • Drawing as fast as possible: Enable users to express the chemical structure they have in mind by providing the easiest and fastest ways to visualize and digitize their ideas.
    • Impeccable visual quality: The aesthetic of any chemical drawing should be in line with the quality and effort put into research. Nobody wants to present their work using low-quality visuals.
    • Guided creativity: We know very well that the creative process is rarely linear. For this reason, our tool provides the ability to easily jump between different molecules or handle them at once. Think about the canvas as an extension of thoughts.
    • Accessibility for everyone: Our tool should be usable by as many people as possible. Our aim was to build an accessible product for everyone.
    • Easy integration: Embeddable and integrable into any web environment through a simple and clean JavaScript API. No hurdles, no lengthy guides to read, just a few lines of code, and your chemical editor is up and running!


    Some of Marvin Pro’s most popular features are as follows:

    • Pre-defined structure templates
    • Pre-defined ACS style template
    • Rich coloring options
    • Alignment guidelines for precise positioning of structures
    • Automatic formula calculation
    • 2D cleaning
    • The ability to add images from external sources

    For a complete list, see Tools Overview.