The Downstream configuration

    By enabling the downstream publishing the JMS publishing in case of changes is controlled.

    The image format for the fused structure in the published message can be set (mol:V3 format is the default setting).

    The Downstream publishing cron job interval is not available since version 20.8.0.

    Since version 21.9.0 the order of the additional data records have been included in the downstream messages as <order> element.

    List fields:

    - <order>0</order> means first list item
    - <order>1</order> means second list item.


    - <order>0</order> means values in the first row
    - <order>1</order> means values in the second row.

    In case of ID-based fields the IDs are present in the downstrem message.

    The collection names have been also included in the downstream message:


    {info} Recommendation: A collection should be identically configured for each source. Collection name should match in all sources this collection appears.


    Parent Compound Number (PCN) settings

    PCN/CN/LN settings

    Setting Description
    PCN/CN/LN composition Separate with commas how the PCN/CN/LN should be built.
    Prefix Characters placed at the beginning of the ID.
    Separator Characters that separate the prefix from the generated sequence.
    Additional fields Add data from additional fields to ID.
    Increment type Choose between a string or number based sequence.
    Increment start The starting value of the generated sequence. This can be a number or character as well.
    Increment format Depending on increment type, use a valid Java formatter syntax (e.g. %d, %s)
    PCN Allocation limit The PCN allocation limit setting used to control the maximum number of PCNs that could be reserved through the SOAP API. It is deprecated since version 19.2.0.

    {warning} Using different letter casing in identifiers is highly discouraged as it can lead to unexpected behavior of the application depending on the operating system, and table collation settings of the database server.

    LnbRef and Lot Id settings

    LnbRef and LotID settings
    Setting Description
    Validate LnbRef Controls if LnbRef should be validated against the regular expressions during the registration
    LnbRef regular expressions List of regular expressions used to validate the submitted LnbRef
    Autocomplete empty LnbRefs Registration is made even if no LnbRef is provided. After registration LnbRef field will be updated with the LN value.
    Lot Id required Controls if the existence of Lot Id should be validated during the registration

    General settings

    General settings
    Setting Description DefaultValue
    Id Generator Class Class name of the corporate ID generator com.chemaxon.registry.identifier.DefaultSequenceGenerator


    The setting of the links to third party applications