Draw a Synthesis Scheme

    Sketching up this synthesis scheme requires a few structures, but there is no need to draw them from scratch. We can use the built-in chemical intelligence of Marvin Pro and add them through the name to structure feature.

    {info} In this example, Molecule visualization is already set to Implicit hydrogens on terminals and heteroatoms.

    1. Start by adding a 7-Dehydrocholesterol to the canvas. Simply type or paste its name into the Name to structure… field and press Enter.

      {info} Structures added in this way are automatically cleaned.

      Draw Vitamin D Step 1

    2. Since we are going to draw a larger scheme, rearranging the contents of the canvas will be necessary sooner or later. To move structures, select them, then drag them to a different position.

      {info} Have you noticed the curved arrow icon above a selected structure? You can rotate structures with it.

      Draw Vitamin D Step 2

    3. Select the arrow tool and click on the canvas with it. A Single Arrow would nicely indicate the transition.

      Draw Vitamin D Step 3

    4. Add a previtamin D3 structure and move and rotate it as you see fit.

      Draw Vitamin D Step 4

    5. Draw a single arrow again and add the vitamin D3 molecule.

      Draw Vitamin D Step 5

    6. Now we have a vitamin D synthesis scheme sketched. We can leave it as it is or add some highlights and flair.

      1. Highlight functional groups: To do this, select an atom label and specify its color with the Text Color tool.

        Draw Vitamin D Step 6.1

      2. Adding text: It is also possible to add complementary text to the drawings. To do this, select the Text tool and click on the canvas with it. Type the text into the field and hit Esc when finished. This text can be formatted freely.

        Draw Vitamin D Step 6.2