Quality Submenu

    Three display qualities are provided by MarvinSpace: High , Medium and Low. Apparently, High gives the nicest and smoothest representation, while Low enables the highest performance, thus this is the most suitable for slow graphic cards. The rendering quality is primarily determined by the number of triangles constituting atom sphere and bond cylinders for structure display. In the case of surfaces the resolution of a discrete grid in which the surface is approximated correlates with the rendering quality. The corresponding parameters are wired in and cannot be changed by the user. Future version of MarvinSpace will provide a dialog in the GUI to let the user tweak these parameters according to needs and the performance of the graphic card.

    Rendering quality autoscaling mechanism is also implemented, though in MarvinSpace 1.3 this is still experimental. Autoscaling decreases the current display quality with respect to the actual performance of the graphics hardware (expressed as frame rate). For instance anti-aliasing is automatically turned off when a molecular scene is manipulated (rotated, translated, zoomed).