Templates in MarvinSketch

    MarvinSketch provides several predefined chemical structures, called templates or structure templates. These templates are categorized into groups, like Amino Acids, Polycyclics, and so on.

    The following template groups are available in MarvinSketch by default:

    • Generic
    • Rings
    • Cyclopentyl rings
    • Phenyl rings
    • Amino Acids
    • Aromatics
    • Bicyclics
    • Bridged Polycyclics
    • Crown Ethers
    • Cycloalkanes
    • Conformers
    • Heterocycles
    • Polycyclics
    • Homology Groups
    • Alpha D sugars
    • Beta D sugars
    • Deoxynucleosides
    • Flavonoids
    • Nucleobases
    • Nucleosides
    • Organometallics
    • Peptide building blocks
    • Protoalkaloids
    • True Alkaloids
    • Vitamins
    • My Templates

    The templates can be accessed through the Advanced Templates toolbar or by navigating to Insert > Template.

    To use the templates, follow the steps below:

    1. Select a template using the Template Library or the Advanced Templates toolbar area.
    2. In case the template structure contains any S-groups, the groups can be optionally expanded or contracted by pressing Shift.
    3. Place the template structure by left-clicking on the desired location.

    For information about customizing the template handling, see Template Library Manager.

    It is possible to add user-defined template structures either to the Advanced Templates toolbar or to Insert > Template by using the Template Library Manager dialog.