Requirements and packaging



    Version: min 19.03.14

    Description: ChemLocator has 2 Docker images that are mandatory:

    • Application: dotnet core implementation
      • Security (at least one option must be chosen):
        • LDAP: use own ldap or any OpenLDAP server (e.g.Osixia OpenLDAP Docker image)
        • Azure AD: connect using Azure AD accounts by registering ChemLocator on the company Azure portal.
        • Synergy: connect using Chemaxon Pass.
    • Chemical backend: Java JChem.

    JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge

    Version: 20.15.0


    Version: 7.10.0



    • CLiDE - ChemLocator offers pre-packed Docker images of CLiDE with our chemical backend. This functionality requires a CLiDE Linux Batch license purchased separately.
    • OSRA - This OSR tool does not require any additional purchase, but due to license limitations we are not allowed to offer a pre-built Docker image. However, we offer a Dockerfile that will allow you to build OSRA to our chemical backend and use it with ChemLocator.

    SciBite TERMite

    Version: 6.4.60 14

    Additional information about SciBite TERMite can be found here.


    The main ChemLocator application is packaged in two Docker images downloadable from

    Example for version
    docker pull
    docker pull

    JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge can be installed directly over an existing PostgreSQL installation (a detailed guide can be found here).

    For convenience we offer a Docker image of JPC:

    Example for version
    docker pull