The Status Bar

    The Status bar appears at the bottom of the mainframe, and unlike toolbars, it cannot be customized or moved. See the below table for more information about parts of the status bar.

    Status bar element Icon Description
    Dimension buttons 2D icon on the status bar
    3D icon on the status bar
    Switches between 2D and 3D modes. If the current structure is represented in 3D, then switching to 2D mode performs a 2D cleaning upon confirmation. > {warning} Changing dimensions can be lead to stereo information loss (atropisomerism) or creation (chirality is not defined in 2D).
    File Status Indicator File status icon This sign appears dynamically if there are unsaved modifications on the current structure, and disappears upon a Save command.
    Navigation buttons The navigation buttons The navigation buttons appear on the Status bar when using multipage molecular documents. It provides a quick way to navigate between pages.For information about how to enable multipage molecular documents, see Multipage Documents.
    Structure Checker Status Checker disabled icon
    Checker enabled icon
    Checker in progress icon
    Checker warning icon
    Checker error icon
    By default, the Status Checker is disabled. To enable manual checking, double-click it. To enable automatic checking, right-click it.The status bar displays different images for different statuses, these are as follows: Disabled, Enabled, Progress, Warning, and Error