Attached Data StrCh

    • Checker finds Attached Data (Data Sgroups) on atoms or atom groups

    • Fixers:

      • removes attached data (removeattacheddata);

      • deletes the atom having attached data (removeatom).

      Example :

      Attached Data Checker (attacheddata) Warning: Fix
      Remove Attached Data (removeattacheddata) Delete Atom (removeatom)
      Detect Attached Data images/download/attachments/1806471/ex_attached_ch.png ex_attached_ch images/download/attachments/1806471/ex_attached_f.png ex_attached_f images/download/attachments/1806471/ex_attached_fdel.png ex_attached_fdel

    The Attached Data Checker can be configured to exclude one or more Data Sgroups from the checking (and fixing) process. The Excluded Data Sgroups can be defined by listing their names as a comma-separated list or using a regular expression (see the configuration option on the GUI below):