Draw a Publication Image

    There are times when just drawing a structure is simply not enough. Sometimes we have to add a little bit of design to the overall image. Marvin Pro supports a variety of graphical additions. Suppose we want to create a figure to complement an article about healthy eating habits, mainly about the role of vitamin D3.

    1. First, import the vitamin D3 molecule or draw it from scratch.

      Publication Image Step 1

    2. Next, we should add some images to depict the balanced diet part of our imaginary article. To do this, click the Image icon and select the desired image or images from your file system.

      {info} Once an image has been added, it can be rotated, dragged, or resized.

      Publication Image Step 2

    3. The Borders and Lines toolset offers a great way to emphasize the vitamin molecule. Let’s use an ellipse to encircle it.

      Publication Image Step 3

    4. To make the molecule more visible, we can even color the graphical object. To do this, select the object and click Fill Color to select the desired background color. Note that the coloring must be opaque to see the structure.

      Publication Image Step 4

    5. The curved arrow is ideal to visually describe the relationship between the images and the molecule.

      Publication Image Step 5

    6. Since our imaginary article is promoting vitamin intake mainly from food, the image should reflect this. The Scribble Tool can be used to add various complementary notes to the image in a freehand drawing style.

      Publication Image Step 6