Creating a New Project

    A project represents a workspace for you to manage your work. It maintains a framework for you to organize and keep track of chemical structures and their related data. You can have one or more projects open in IJC.

    All projects in IJC are listed in the Projects Window in the upper left corner of the main window, under the Projects tab. In the Projects window, a project (images/download/attachments/5316321/project.png) is displayed as the highest node in a hierarchy containing Schemas, Data Trees and Views. Once a project is created, it will subsequently appear in the Projects window.

    To create a new project:

    Choose File >- New Project (Ctrl+Shift+N), or click on the New Project icon in the toolbar. The New Project wizard opens to guide you through the process:

    Step 1. Choose Project:

    • Under the Project's heading, select from one of the project templates. There are three project types to choose from:

      • IJC Project (with local database): This creates a project template that already has a local database set up ready to use. All you need to do is import some data into it.

      • IJC Project (empty): This creates an empty project template. You will need to create connections to whatever databases you want to use, or create a new local database at a later stage.

      • IJC Project (local database with demo data): This creates a project template that has a local database set up. It also contains demo data that has been preloaded into the database which can be used or viewed as a sample.

    • Click Next.

    Step 2. Create a New IJC Project:

    • In the Project Name text field, enter a project name. The project name will correspond to the project folder that will be created.

    • For the Project Location text field, enter a path where you would like the project to be stored, or click Browse... to navigate to a specific location.

    • Leave the 'Close Already Opened Projects' checkbox checked unless you want to keep open any projects that might be already open. Usually there is no need to have multiple projects open at once, and doing so can be confusing.

    • Click Finish. The new project opens in the Projects window.