Drawing stereocenters

    1. Draw a chiral molecule.

    2. Click on (select) the asymmetric carbon atom that you want to configure as S or R .

    3. Right-click onto the carbon atom pops up the Atom Menu .

    4. Choose Stereo > R/S and the appropriate configuration.

    5. The relevant bonds will change automatically according to the proper R or S configuration.

    6. To display the stereo label on the asymmetric carbon atom, select View Menu > Stereo > R/S Labels > All.

    7. The configuration of the asymmetric carbon atom is displayed in parentheses:images/download/attachments/5317979/Draw_stereo5.PNG

    To remove the stereo label from the the asymmetric carbon atom, choose View Menu > Stereo > R/S Labels > None.

    To delete stereo representation , right-click on the asymmetric carbon atom and choose Atom menu > Stereo > R/S > Off.