Atom query properties dialog

    Atom query properties dialog performs a quick access to the most frequently used query properties in Advanced tab of Atom properties dialog.

    Available from Atom Toolbar Query atoms... combo-box or . shortcut.

    Property Tool Available values
    Total Hydrogen (H) Total number of hydrogen substituents. .H+ H0-H4
    .H- H4-H0
    Implicit Hydrogen (h) Number of implicit hydrogen substituents. .h+ h0-h4
    .h- h4-h0
    Bond order (v) Total bond order. (Some cases it is referred as valence.) .v+ v0-v8
    .v- v8-v0
    Connections (X) Number of substituents including hydrogens. .X+ X0-X3
    .X- X3-X0
    Ring count (R) Number of rings the atom is a member of. .R+ R0-R6
    .R- R6-R0
    Smallest ring size (r) Size of the smallest ring the atom is a member of. .r+ r0-r30
    .r- r30-r0
    Ring bond (rb) Number of ring bonds next to the atom. .rb+ rb0-rb4
    .rb- rb4-rb0
    .rb* as drawn
    Substitutions (s) Substitution count: the number of non-hydrogen substituents plus number of isotopic hydrogen substituents. .s+ s0-s6
    .s- s6-s0
    .s* as drawn
    Unsaturated (u) Unsaturated atom: atom that has double, triple or aromatic bond. .u u
    Aromaticity (a/A) It defines whether the atom has at least one aromatic bond (a) or only aliphatic (A) bonds. .a/A a, A

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