View Settings dialog

    In the View Settings dialog window you can set the display properties of the structures on the canvas.


    Show chiral flag: The visibility of the "Absolute" chiral flag can be turned on/off.

    Show valence errors: Marking of atoms with incorrect valence can be turned on/off.

    Show lone pairs: The visibility of the lone pairs can be turned on/off.

    Index atoms: When checked, the atom indices (the order of the atoms put on the canvas) are displayed.

    Show atom maps: When this function is active, atom map is visible.

    Use CPK colors: When checked, the atoms are displayed colored according to the Corey-Pauling-Koltun convention. The two halves of a bond between two atoms will receive the color of the atom they are connected to.

    Show carbon labels: When checked, the carbon atom labels become visible.

    Implicit H: To display the automatically added necessary hydrogens on atoms, an option from the drop-down list in the View Settings window should be chosen. These options are the following:

    Off Disable implicit hydrogens on every atom.
    Hetero Display implicit hydrogens on hetero atoms.
    Hetero and Terminal Display implicit hydrogens on hetero atoms and terminal carbons. (Default setting)
    All Display implicit hydrogens on every atom

    Display: You can choose between four display options: wireframe , * ball and stick, stick, spacefill * . (See examples below.)

    2D 3D
    Wireframe images/download/attachments/5310882/wireframe.png images/download/attachments/5310882/wireframe3D.png
    Ball and Stick images/download/attachments/5310882/Ball%26stick.png images/download/attachments/5310882/Ball%26stick3D.png
    Stick images/download/attachments/5310882/Stick.png images/download/attachments/5310882/Stick3D.png
    Spacefill images/download/attachments/5310882/Spacefill.png images/download/attachments/5310882/Spacefill3D.png

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