Clear Stereo

    This action clears stereo features of molecule. By default, both tetrahedral and double bond stereo information are cleared.

    To clear specific stereo type, select:

    • Tetrahedral stereo: tetrahedral stereo features ( R , S , and enchanced stereo features as well) are removed, thus racemizing the compounds. (clearstereo:chirality)

    • Double bond stereo: stereo configurations of double bonds are cleared. (clearstereo:doublebond)

    • Convert tetrahedral up-or-down bonds (wiggly) to single bonds: Undefined tetrahedral stereo centers can be marked by using "Single UP or DOWN" bonds (aka wiggly bonds); These bonds will be converted to single bonds by using this option (clearstereo:singleupordownbond).

      Example :

      Action Input Output
      Clear Stereo (clearstereo) images/download/attachments/5311468/clearstereo_in.png images/download/attachments/5311468/clearstereo_out.png
      Clear Tetrahedral Stereo (clearstereo:chirality) images/download/attachments/5311468/clearstereo_in.png images/download/attachments/5311468/clearstereochirality_out.png
      Clear Double bond Stereo (clearstereo:doublebond) images/download/attachments/5311468/clearstereo_in.png images/download/attachments/5311468/clearstereodoublebond_out.png
      Clear tetrahedral wiggly bonds (clearstereo:singleupordownbond) images/download/attachments/5311468/clearstereo_in.png images/download/attachments/5311468/clearstereowiggly_out.png