Deploying Spotfire Middle Tier solution

    New Spotfire integration for IJC relies on a middle tier server to provide data from IJC to TIBCO® Spotfire®. This middle tier capability is provided by Plexus Connect and the communication schema is best described by this image.


    The solution works with permanent lists that are created via IJC or Plexus Connect. Those permanent lists are stored in the IJC schema and then read by Connect and provided to the Spotfire bridge to load the data from IJC schema.


    The integration with TIBCO® Spotfire® requires the following packages to be installed with matching (compatible) versions:

    License requirements are:

    • IJC license

    • Plexus Connect license

    • IJC VIZ license

    Spotfire plugin deployment

    • open Spotfire deployment server and login

    • upload Spotfire bridke .spk file to deployment area

    • IJC.ODataConnection will be installed to the area (or overwrite already installed version of IJC.ODataConnection)

    • validate the deployment

    • save the deployment

    Spotfire plugin installation

    • start Spotfire client

    • log in into the deployment server

    • you will be offered update - the new IJC.ODataConnection plugin will be downloaded

    • let it install/update

    • Spotfire client will restart itself after successful install/update of the plugin

    • log in again, no updates should be offered as your application is up to date against Spotfire deployment server

    • Spotfire client will start up normally

    Spotfire Plugin Usage

    {primary} Prerequisites

    • Plexus Connect instance deployed and connected to the database you want to work with
    • Plexus Connect's backend serves as a middle-tier data provider between Spotfire and the database
    • IJC – works with the same DB and can be used to create permanent lists
    • Plexus Connect's frontend works with the same DB and can be used to create permanent lists

    Create a permanent list from the desired data set that you want to work with in Spotfire. This can be achieved either via IJC or via Plexus Connect.

    • Open Spotfire with IJC.ODataConnection plugin installed

    • Click the "Import from Plexus..." menu item

    • define the URL where Plexus Connect instance is running

    • log in with your credentials

    • select available IJC schema to work with

    • you will be offered with a collection of "Permanent lists" available to to your login

      • each permanent list includes information about the name of the Data Tree they are present in

      • each permanent list also has expandable list of associated entities (multiple entities or just ROOT entity - in this example only ROOT entity is present)

      • collection of permanent lists is sortable and searchable

    • select desired Permanent List and its entity from the collection

    • data will load into Spotfire

    The whole process, including some usage example can be seen on the video here.