Repeating units with repetition ranges - Frequency variation

    A sequence of ranges to specify the repetition can also be used in a special group called repeating unit with repetition ranges.

    For example:


    Here the repetition range is "3,5-7". The repetition count for the included structure can be: 3,5,6 or 7.

    Syntax of the repetition ranges

    The repetition ranges consist of ranges and/or numbers separated by commas. E.g 3, 5-7

    To draw a repeating unit with repetition ranges

    1. Draw the structure.

    2. Click the Group tool on the toolbar, and select the structure to be included in the range.

    3. In the " Create Group " dialog window choose the type " Repeating unit with repetition ranges " from the " Type " list.

    4. Set the repetition ranges.

    5. Click OK.