How to add, edit and format text

    In addition to atom labels, you can also add blocks of text in textbox.Textboxes

    • are resizable

    • they are outlined by a border

    • they have a background.

    • are not fitted to the text automatically.

    Creating a textbox
    1. Click on the Text tool images/download/attachments/5317907/text24.png in the Tools toolbar or use Text item images/download/attachments/5317907/text24.png in the Insert menu.

    2. Click and hold the left button, move the mouse and release the button.

    3. To place the textbox click again.

    4. Type a text.

    The shape textbox is changeable or resizable by dragging one of its points or the selection.

    Copying and pasting text
    1. When the textbox is selected, it is pasted. the format (text style, size, color , alignment, super and subscript etc.) remains unchanged.

    2. When the text is selected it is handled as text (i.e. it can be recognized as name or chemical file - structure is pasted).

    Editing and formatting text

    The default formatting options can be set in the Preferences menu.

    If you would like to apply different formatting the text format functions are provided in a toolbar that appears under the template bar.


    Text format functions:

    • Font type

    • Font size

    • Bold

    • Italic

    • Color

    • Subscript

    • Superscript

    • Symbols

    To edit a text select the Text tool and click on the text to be modified. The changes are applied only for the selected textbox and won't affect the default settings.

    The character map is active only when a text box is open for editing.

    With a text box open, mouse over the character map to select one to be inserted. The 16 most recently used characters appear at the bottom of the More Symbols window.

    Shortcuts can be used for formatting as well

    Shortcut Fuction
    Ctrl+B bold
    Ctrl+I italic
    Alt+↑ superscript
    Alt+↓ subscript

    You can place a text box with the IUPAC name(s) from the Structure > Structure to Name > Place IUPAC Name menu command and it will be automatically inserted under the structure.

    The name will be updated in real-time.

    Text can be formatted via the Text Attributes pane of the Graphic Object Properties window.

    Moving/resizing textbox

    See the Geometric transformation of structures and objects chapter.