Create Reactions

    From version 16.5.2 you can draw reactions in two modes:

    You can change\reset the default automatic mode on The Preferences> Structure tab.

    Only reaction containing a single reaction arrow can be interpreted chemically, consequently be saved in chemical formats.

    Arrows interpreted chemically:

    • Single Arrowimages/download/attachments/5317938/g-arrow24.png

    • Retrosynthetic Arrowimages/download/attachments/5317938/g-retrosynthetic-arrow24.png

    • Equilibrium Arrowimages/download/attachments/5317938/g-equilibrium-arrow24.png

    • Resonance Arrowimages/download/attachments/5317938/g-doublearrow24.png

    Other arrows such as

    • Curved Arrowimages/download/attachments/5317938/g-curved-arrow24.png

    • Dashed Arrowimages/download/attachments/5317938/g-dashed-arrow24.png

    • Crossed Arrowimages/download/attachments/5317938/g-crossed-arrow24.png

    will not have chemical meaning. These arrows and + signs ( besides the molecules) can be formatted using the Edit>Format or the context menu.

    No structure label(s) can be used to annotate unknown structures. These labels can be saved in .mrv, .skc and cdx. Empty .mol .rxn .rdf files generated after v. 15.11.23 are opened displaying a No Structure label on the canvas.

    The graphical components of reactions can be aligned and distributed using the corresponding menu item of the Edit menu.

    Analysis box containing chemical information can be added from the Structure menu or pressing the Ctrl+I shortkey.