Marvin JS User's Guide

    Here you can find some information on how to get the most out of Marvin JS User's Guide.

    This user documentation consists of three pars:

    In the Editor Overview sectionyou can get to know the structure of the User Interface of Marvin JS. You can read detailed description about its elements, particularly the toolbars, context menus and dialogs.

    This section is for you if you would like to get more information about Marvin JS; what this editor looks like, or if you have just found a functionality and you are not sure what it is for, and you need a quick tip on how to use it.

    TheDrawing and editing optionspart includes all the information about the ways of drawing in Marvin JS.

    This section is for you if you would like to know how you can create, change or delete your structures, texts, graphical objects in Marvin JS.

    In the Feature overview pages we have collected all the functionalities which might be connected with a special workflow. (For example, the Query Structures in Marvin JS includes all the Marvin JS functionalities which might be useful for querying, etc.)

    This section is for you if you are interested in whether Marvin JS has functionalities related to some special activities (e.g. handling Reactions, Query features, Stereochemistry, Markush structres). Please, note that, as Marvin JS is a continuously evolving editor, our feature overview pages might change; and these pages only include the special functions related to the specific features (but not all).

    For the whole list of features, please, check the Drawing features or the Editor Overview sections, or contact us: