History of changes: New features and improvements, bug fixes

    14th June, 2021: JChem for Office 21.4.3, Helium 3.

    Marvin/JChem 21.4.3 used.

    28th April, 2021: JChem for Office 21.4.2, Helium 2.

    Marvin/JChem 21.4.2 used.

    26th April , 2021: JChem for Office 21.4.1, Helium 1.

    Marvin/JChem 21.4.1 used.


    • JChem for Office does not support Windows 7 anymore and you might face issues during use. When installing JChem for Office, you will get a warning about this.
    • The Import from Instant JChem feature has been removed. Please use the export to JChem for Excel feature in Instant JChem instead.

    Bug Fixes

    • ChemDraw 20 is now supported both in JChem for Office and JChem for Office Lite.
    • There was a significant slow down when copy-pasting from Excel to Word. This has been normalized.
    • The action "From any Text" has become more error tolerant against the white spaces at the beginning and end of the text.
    • Paste from MarvinSketch into Word or PowerPoint after a File or DB Import, or after an Add Properties action resulted in an incorrect image.
    • Conversion of ISIS/Symyx for Excel, ChemDraw for Excel, Accord for Excel or Insight for Excel workbooks could fail if any of the worksheets contained non-continuous ranges.
    • Conversion of the workbooks containing ISIS OLE objects could failed in some special cases.
    • JChem for Excel add-in started when a simple text had been pasted into MS Excel if the text was more than 200 characters long.
    • JChem for Office didn't work with bundle license keys.
    • In some cases, when a structure was copied from Marvin Sketch to Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, structures were not visible and a black rectangle was pasted.