Import from File by IDs

    If you have a formerly prepared list of IDs you would like to import structures and data for, use the Import by IDs function under the File group.

    The dialog is similar to the basic file import, but in this case, only data, which belongs to the subset of IDs is imported.

    The Import from File by IDs dialog contains the following tabs:

    • File

    • Columns

    • Progress


    File Tab

    The File tab contains the following options:

    • File to import: You can specify the file form which you want to import.

    • Create Header: When this box is checked, column headers are created for the imported structures. The box is checked by default. Uncheck if your file already has headers.

    • ID Column in File: All columns of the database are listed in this drop-down list and can be selected.

    • ID Column on Worksheet: All columns in the worksheet are listed in this drop-down list. You can specify the column for which the structures and data will be searched and imported.

    Columns Tab

    The Columns tab is the same as in Import File-Columns Tab. You can specify if you would like any other columns to be imported beside the structure column.


    Progress Tab

    A progress bar displays the status of the import process.


    The structures and selected data are imported for the list of IDs as a JCIDSYSStructure function. In this way, you can alternate between structure display and ID display. For more information regarding this, see Show and Hide Structures and Structure IDs.