Plexus Connect - Dashboard

    Plexus Connect dashboard, views (form views and grid views) and related tools are accessible from the landing page. In the Projects section, the list of available IJC schemas is visible. To access your views, select the relevant IJC schema by clicking the checkbox.
    In the Views section, all the views (form views images/download/thumbnails/13109196/Form_view_icon.png and grid views images/download/attachments/13109196/Grid_view_icon.png) belonging to the selected IJC schema are listed.
    Names of shared views (owned by you and shared to other users) are marked with persons icon at the bottom right of the view icon. If a view is owned by an other user and shared by them to you, the view is marked with a dot icon. Unmarked views are owned by you and are unshared with other users.
    To ensure easier access to your preferred views, use the Favorite Views section, where your bookmarked views are listed. In the Recent Views section, the list of recently opened views appears.
    By hovering over a view's name, you can bookmark your preferred view by clicking the star () icon. The copy ( ) icon enables you to create your own copy of any view. The views owned by you can be deleted by the cross () icon.
    Clicking the images/download/thumbnails/13109196/Plus_icon.png icon (or Create new view ) opens the form editor. With this tool, you can create your own views (form views and grid views) – similarly as in IJC.
    All view names are searchable by full text search using the corresponding search boxes.
    In the Views section, a toggle button enables to list the views owned by you (toggle on) or display all views belonging to the schema (toggle off).

    The dashboard customizer can be found in arrow menu in the top right corner.

    By clicking the Customize dashboard menu item, the Dashboard configuration dialog opens, providing the following settings:

    • By enabling the toggle button, Customizable area appears on the top of the dashboard that allows admins to create space on dashboard with adjustable content like comments or warnings.

    • It is also possible to add images or links and change both font and background color.

    • Direct access to all views, recent views or favorite views can be set.


    The Plexus Connect administrator can use the relevant business flag to enable the project view on dashboard, so that allows filtering of views based on the IJC schema of origin.